Hexagon SF 7.10.7 Shop Floor Coordinate Measuring Machine, 2020 – CMM


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Measuring Envelope:
X: 27.95 inches
Y: 39.76 inches
Z: 26.77 inches
Overall Dimensions with Touchscreen:
X: 87.01 inches
Y: 69.06 inches
Z: 108.66 inches
Work Capacity:
X: 34.50 inches
Y: 54.72 inches
Z: 31.22 inches
Maximum 3D Velocity: 520 mm/s
Maximum 3D Acceleration: 1732 mm/s2
Dimensions: 34.5″X x 54.7″Y x 31.2″Z
Weight: 1,499 Lbs.
Dimensions – catalog: 87″(L-R) x 69″(F-B) x 109″(H)
Weight – catalog: 3,711 Lbs.

Last calibration date: 7/7/2022

DC241 Controller
Next Jogbox control interface
Lenovo P520 ThinkStation w/Windows 10
PC-DMIS CAD, Sheet metal, & Tip changer software
Workpiece standard thermal sensor
Cast aluminum fixture grid plate
Motorized probe head
Touch Trigger Probe Modules:
– (2) HP-TM US SF
– (2) HP-TM US MF
– 6-Port changer rack

*Preliminary specifications, subject to verification.