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Hydmech M20A-120 Automatic Horizontal Pivot Band Saw, 2022 – 10′ Bar Feed


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Cutting Height: 20″
Cutting Width: 30″
Round Capacity : 90°
Blade Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 20′
Blade Drive: 10 HP VFD
Blade Speed: 50-350 sfm
Coolant Tank Capacity: 9 gal
Machine Workload: 8,000 lbs
Machine Weight: 12,700 lbs
Machine Dimensions: 129” x 210” x 110″

Equipped With

Automatic programmable mitering with “go to” angle from 90° to 30°
Full capacity hydraulic overhead bundling
10′ bar feed
Automatic multi-indexing up to 120” in a single stroke
New replacement cost $130,000