Interlake Storage Racking w/ Pallet Shuttle System, 2019- 720 Pallets Spaces, 3 Pallet Shuttles


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Machine Type:
Packaging Equipment
Storage Racking w/ Pallet Shuttle System

A semiautomatic compact storage system that uses shuttles that move independently with the racks. A forklift sets the load on the top of the pallet shuttle, which then moves along the rails before depositing the load in the correct storage space. Pallets can be inserted/retrieved on either side for customizing the flow of goods.

-720 Pallets spaces
-4 Pallet Shuttles W/ Tablet Control Terminals, Chargers, and batteries
-Battery Charging Structure for storing Pallets and batteries
-Rescue Cart for maintenance
-Anti-Fall Mesh Barrier

NO. of Pallet Depth: 20
NO. of Storage Lanes: 9
NO. of Load Levels: 4

Dimensions: 446.26 x 1019.69 x 251.97
Recommended Max Load per Pallet: 2,500 lbs
Fits Pallets up to 40″ x 48″ x 46″

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