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Kolzer DGK36 Aero-Metal PVD Powder Coating System, 2015 – Recertified in 2020


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Machine Type: Process Equipment
Make: Kolzer
Model: DGK36
Year: 2015
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 720298

Kolzer Pvd Dgk36″ Machines Guarantee Fast and Simple Start-Up, Precision, and Versatility with Single Button Touch. The Compact Design Minimizes the Movements of the Operator and the Double Loading System Simplifies the Loading and Unloading Activities with Other Production Phases.
Coating Cabinet Volume: 1000mm X 1300mm (39.37″ X 51.18″)
Pvd Sputtering
Magnetron Sputtering: 1-4
Productivity: 4 Min Cycle
Water Cooled: 13°c
Rotary Pump: 150 Cfm
Roots Pump: 1200 Cfm
Diffusion Pump: Type K12, 4kw
Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Control Unit: 24v
Electrical Requirements: 480v, 3p, 50/60hz
Weight: 6,660 Lbs.

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