Luna IO Extractor Model KJ-02, 2019


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** Full Spec Sheet Available**

Consist of;
-Extractor Skid
-2 Chillers
– Control Box
-Water Pump Skid
-Water Heater
-Outdoor cooling tower

Recirculating Water Heater 9kW
Temp Range: -65c to 0c
Pressure Rating: 250 PSIG
Reactor Capacity: 32L liquid (43L total)
28L Plant feedstock
Cycle Time: 50 Minutes (recipe dependent)
Throughput: 18lbs dry feed stock, 25lbs wet
Solvent: 100% Butane, 100% Propane
Interface: 10.1″ touchscreen
Distillation column capacity: 60L liquid (70L total)
Vessel Certification: ASME BPVC Sect. VIII U, UM
Electrical Certification: Class 1 Division 1