Mag Hueller Hille Bluestar 6 CNC 630mm HMC, 2005- 50 Taper, Thru Spindle Coolant, High Pressure Coolant, 138 Tool Positions, Air Blow, Chip Conveyor


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Longitudinal Table Travel (X-Axis): 31.5″
Vertical Travel (Y-Axis): 31.5″
Head Cross Travel (Z-Axis): 31.5″
Work Envelope Swing: 35.4″
Pallet Dimensions: 24.8″ x 24.8″
Maximum Pallet Load: 2200 LBS
Number of Pallets: 2
Number of Index Positions: 360,000
Feed Rate, All Axes: .04 – 1968 IPM
Spindle Horsepower: 50 HP
Spindle Speed Range: 50-10000 RPM
Spindle Taper: #50 BT
Number of Tool Positions: 138
Approximate Machine Dimensions: 213″ x 148″
Approximate Machine Height: 130″

Equipped With:
Siemens 840D CNC Control with Color CRT, Multiple Language Control, Ethernet Connection, (2) 24.8″ Fully Contouring Pallets (360,000 Positions), High Pressure Thru the Spindle Coolant, 138 Station Automatic Tool Changer, Heavy Duty 50HP Spindle with 2 Ranges Centralized Auto Lubricator, Spindlehead Cooling System, ATC Air Blower, Chip Flusher, Chip Conveyor, Chip & Coolant Shield, Coolant System..