Mitutoyo High-Precision Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System Roundtest RA-H5000 Series Inspection CNC, 2003


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Probing Height: 550mm
Rotating speed: 2,4,6,10 RPM, (20 RPM for auto centering)
Table top diamete:r 300mm
Centering range: ?5mm
Leveling range: ?1?
Max. probing diameter: 356mm
Max. workpiece diameter: 680mm
Max. workpiece weight: 80kG
Max. workpiece weight with auto centering: 65kG; Vertical travel (Z-axis): 550mm
Positioning speed (maximum): 60mm/s
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1,2,5mm/s
Max. probing height: 550mm(OD/ID)
Max. probing depth: 12.7x26mm, 32x79mm; Horizontal arm travel (X-axis): 225mm
Positioning speed (maximum): 50mm/s
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1, 5mm/s
Measuring direction: two directional
Stylus angle adjustment: ?45? (with graduations)
Air supply – air pressure: 390kPA
Air consumption: 45L/min
Power supply: 100V, AC-2,400V, AC-50/60hz
Approx. weight: 650kg (1500 lbs)

Equipped With:
Automatic Centering And Leveling
Extended Vertical Column (550mm); Roundpak V. Software
Mitytoyo Roundtest Controller
Joystick Controller; (2) Probe Heads; (5) Stylus; Calibration Kit; 12″ Turntable; 23/4″ 3-Jaw Chuck With Table Adaptor