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Swing over bed: 520mm/20.47″
Swing over Cross Slide :350mm(13.78″)
Between Centers: 625mm(24.61″)
Max. Turning Diameter: 340mm(13.39″)
Max. Turning Length: 550mm(21.65″)
X-Axis Travel: 285mm(11.22″)
Y-Axis Travel: 100mm(3.93″)
Z-Axis Travel: 590mm(23.23″)
Spindle Speed Range: 35-3500
Spindle Nose Type: JIS A2-6
Through Spindle Hole Diameter: 80mm(3.15″)
Min. Spindle Index Angle: 0.001°
Turret Type: 12-Station
Number of Tool Stations: Rotary Tool 6
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed Range: 80-2000 RPM
Rapid Traverse Rate – X: 12000mm/min(472.44 IPM)
Rapid Traverse Rate – Z: 15000mm/min(590.55 IPM)
Feed per Revolution – X: 0.003-342mm(0-13.46 IPM)
Feed per Revolution – Z: 0.003-428mm(0-16.85 IPM)
Jog Feedrate – X & Z: 1260mm/min(49.61 IPM)
Tailstock Travel: 491mm(19.33″)
Tailstock Spindle Diameter: 85mm(3.35″)
Taper Hole of Tailstock Spindle: MT3
Tailstock Spindle Travel: 80mm(3.15″)
Maximum Thrust Force: 651kgf(1432.20 lbf)
Spindle Drive Motor: 15/11kW(20/15 HP)
Rotary Tool Spindle Drive Motor: 3.7/2.2kW(5/3 HP)
Approximate Weight: 4400kg(10,000 lbs)


Moric T6 (Fanuc 16TA) CNC Control
Full ‘C’ Axis Spindle Positioning Axis
12-Position Turret With (6) Rotary Tool Station
Y-Axis Milling Capability
10″ 3-Jaw Kitagawa B-210 Chuck With 3.1″ Hole Thru
Approximate (12) ID Tool Holders
Approximately (7) OD Tool Holders
Approximately (6) Live Milling Tools
Approximately (3) Right Angle Live Milling Tool Holders
Oil Chiller
Chip Conveyor
Bar Feed Interface
Chuck Jaws
Miscellaneous Tooling

The live tool does not work at this time. There is a clamp that keeps the live tool gear box aligned to the turret and the screw holes are wore out so the clamp won’t hold tight enough to keep it from working out of alignment. If someone took the time to helicoil the holes and realign the live tool everything would work great since the motor, gear box, and y axis all work perfect. If someone is interested we could move y axis and run the live tool without a holder just to show it works.