Nelson Nelweld 6000 Stud Welding System, 2020 – Equipped with Brand New Gun and Collets


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Stud Diameter Range: 3/16″ – 1″
Includes New Collets

Weld Rates:
1″: 10 per Minute
7/8″: 13 per Minute
3/4″: 20 per Minute
5/8″: 25 per Minute
1/2″: 30 per Minute
3/8″: Unlimited
5/16″: Unlimited
1/4″: Unlimited
3/16″: Unlimited

Single or Dual Gun.
Manual or Auto-Feed Systems
Innovative User Interface
Weld Thru Deck
Digital Readout of Time and Current
Built in Diagnostics Self-Monitoring Functions
Modular Construction
Presettable Time and Current
Patented 2-Wire Gun Circuitry
Innovative Gun Circuitry for Cooler Gun Operation
Temperature Hardened and Controlled
Thermal Protection / Thermal Shutdown
Lockout Features
Resettable User Weld Counter
Weld Setting Chart
Operates on 3 Phase AC Current
Lift Check
Infinitely Adjustable Time and Current
Short Cycle Welding Mode
Stud Stripper

Dimensions: 31″ H x 28″ W x 35.5″ D
Weight: 1050 Lbs.