Nisshinbo Turret Punch *Tooling ONLY* 33 Ton, $100k+ in Tooling & Parts


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Frame Type: “J” frame
Max Tonnage: 33
Actuation Type: Hydraulic
Tool Type: Turret
CNC: Nisshinbo PAL-510T
Manufacture Date: June 1998
Auxilary Functions: Wilson Wheel : Standard

Max Sheet Size (inch): (L) 98.000 x (D) 49.000″
W/1 Repositioning (inch): (L) 197.000 x (D) 49.000 (Opt. (L) — x (D) 60.000 )
Hit Rate (1″ centers): 220 str/min
Nibble Rate: 450 str/min
Max Hole Diameter: 3.500 Inches
Punching Accuracy: +/-0.004 Inches

Table Size (inch): (L) 100.000 x (D) 50.000
Table Travel (inch): X: 98.400 Y: 49.200
Table speed (Max) X: 2,400 ipm Y: 2,400 ipm
Throat Depth: 49.00 Inches
Material Reposition: Roller ball

Number of Stations: 37 (Opt. 50)
Number of Tools: 52
Turret Style: Thick
Auto Index: Standard
Turret Index Speed: 30 RPM

Machine Dimensions: (L) 208.00″ x (D) 179.00″
Machine Weight: 42,000 LBS

STD: 3 Auto-Indexing Stations