Okuma MB-46 VAE VMC, 2003 -15k Spindle, TSC, Probing


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Table Working Surface: 39.37″ x 18.11″
Table Load Capacity: 1,540 LBS
Travel X-Axis: 30″
Travel Y-Axis: 18.11″
Travel Z-Axis: 18.11″
Rapid Traverse Rate X&Y Axes): 1575 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate (Z Axis): 1181 IPM
Tool Storage Capacity: 20
Tool to Tool Change Speed: 1.2 Sec.
Spindle Horsepower:15 HP
Spindle Speeds Range: 50-15,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: CAT 40
Approximate Machine Dimensions: 106″ x 86″ x 109” Tall
Approximate Machine Weight: 14,300 LBS

Equipped With:
OSP E100M CNC Control
Chip Conveyor
15,000 Rpm
Through spindle coolant
Renishaw probing