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Omni Print Freejet 330TX Plus Printer, 2020 – Mister-T2


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FreeJet 330TX Plus Printer Package:
Direct Rip for Freejet 330TX Plus, (1) USB Hub
Gamut Plus Starter Ink Set: White 500ml and CMYK 250ml
Gamut Plus Pre-treatment kit: 1 Gallon Dark Cotton
Pre-Treatment, 1 gallon of Dark Polyester
Pre-Treatment, 1 Gallon
Light Poly Pre-Treatment, 1 Gallon Light Cotton
Pretreatment and Spray Gun
Gamut Plus Maintenance Kit: 500ml Super
Cleaner, Super Nozzle Cleaner, 5 Swabs and Grease
Curing Kit: 100 Silicone Sheets
Platen: Adult
Printer Area: 12.5” x 22”
Colors: 8 Channels: CMYK + WWWW
Print Direction: Bi-directional/Unidirectional
Software: DirectRip Included
Software Requirements: Windows 7 or Above
Dimensions: 25” Width x 42” Length x 18” Height
Weight: 150 Lbs.

Equipped with :
Mister- T2