Orbis LBMS-3943-21 Lined Ball Mill, 2021 – Never Used!


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Machine Type: CNC
Make: Orbis
Model: LBMS-3943-21
Year: 2021
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 601120

Inside Dimensions: (Steel Portion) 39” Diameter X 43” Long.
Material of Construction: Steel Shell Lined with 2” thick Alumina lining. (Final Cylinder inside dimensions: 35” Diameter X 39” long).
Lining Material: Alumina Brick.
Total Volume: 21.71 cubic feet (162.44 Gallons) .
Dry Working Volume (Assume 25% Loading): 5.42 cubic feet (40.61 Gallons).
Support Shafts (Trunnions): Steel Trunnions are welded to cylinder end plates. Machined on Centers after welding to maintain concentricity.

A 14” X 15” opening with a stainless-steel brick guide is provided for loading and unloading the Mill.
A “grinding” cover, contoured to the inside diameter of the mill, is supplied. The grinding cover is used during the grinding process. Cover is lined with the same 2” Alumina brick as the cylinder. Cover secured with Swing away bolts. Swing bolt design allows venting of the Mill before the cover is fully opened.
A grate for discharging product is provided. The grate has 1/4″ slots for media retention (larger slot sizes are available) Grate material: 304 Stainless Steel.

Motor: 7.5 HP, XP, Class II, Div. I, 460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, with Brake.
Speed Reducer: Hollow-bore shaft mounted.
Cylinder Rotational Speed: Approximately 29 RPM (65% of critical speed).

Cylinder Bearings: Heavy Duty, Pillow Block Housed, Adaptor Mount Spherical Roller Bearings.

Carbon Steel Heavy Duty plate construction.
Support frame provides 36” minimum clearance.
Bearing Mounting Plates machined for full bearing contact.

Dry Discharge Shroud (Housing): Stainless Steel, Full Profile, Hopper Style. Used to collect dry ground product during the Discharge Operation. Full Profile Shroud covers the entire cylinder. Seals ride on machined cylinder support shafts (Trunnions). Shaft seals consist of two (2) standard 1/8” thick Split Felt rings staggered 90°. Two felt rings per side. Shroud is made in two sections. Top section includes an access port for loading the mill. (Discharge opening size may be changed to suit customer’s requirements). All access covers supplied with limit switches to prevent operation of the mill when opened.

Power: 460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Dimensions: 120″ x 72″ x 120″ H (Approx.)
Weight: 5,000 Lbs. (Approx.)

Equipped with:
NEMA 12 Control Panel
2” thick Alumina Brick Lining.
Heavy duty Pillow-block Bearings.
7.5 HP Hollow-bore Direct Drive.
Stainless Steel Discharge Grate.
Stainless Steel Dust Shroud.

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.