Palmary MAX-12S Centerless Grinder With Dressers, 2008


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Standard grinding range (Dia.): .04″ – 1.57″
Capacity increases with special arrangement: 1.18″ – 2.36″
Grinding wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.): 12″ x 6″ x 4.75″
Grinding wheel speed:1900 R.P.M.
Grinding wheel motor: 7-1/2 HP x 4P
Regulating wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.): 8″ x “6” x 3.5″
Regulating wheel speed: 10 ~ 300 R.P.M. (Variable)
Regulating wheel motor: 1.5 KW servo motor
Regulating wheel tilt angle: +5° ~ -3°
Regulating wheel swivel angle: ±5°
Hydraulic pump motor: 1 HP
Coolant pump motor: 1/8 HP
Machine Dimensions: 69″ x 41.5″ x 55″H
Net weight: 3,630 Lbs.

Equipped With:
Pressurized Hydrostatic Spindle & Regulating Wheel Bearings
Hydraulic Wheel Dressers
Infinitely Variable Regulating Wheel Speeds, Servo Controlled Motor, Digital Display for Speed
(Two) Work Rests & Blades, One for Thrufeed Presently on the Machine, the Other for Infeed
Machine Dials are “Inch” Graduations
Independent Upper & Lower Slide Adjustments
Coolant System with Both Paper & Magnetic Separator
3/60/230-460 Volts Motors
Machine is Presently Wired for 230 Volts/3/60/35 Amps