70 Ton x 8′ Premier 870 CNC Press Brake, 2000- Automec CNC 300 2-Axis Backgauge


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Capacity 70 Tons
Bed Length 96″
Distance Between Housings 76″
Ram Stroke 8″
Ram Open Height 15″
Bed Height 34″
Throat Depth 8″
Ram Approach Speed 215 IPM
Ram Return Speed 275 IPM
Ram Bend Speed 24 IPM
Motor 10 HP
Approximate Weight 8,000 lbs.

Machine is equipped with Automec CNC 300 Autogauge 2-Axis CNC Back Gauge, Ram Control, Jog/Manual/ Auto Selector Switch, Ram Return Button, Red Lower Limit Light, Electric Foot Switch Operation, Brake Service and Maintenance Manual and, Operator Manual For CNC 300 Automec Back Gauge.