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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Equipment Line, 2020 – Never Used!


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Electric Metal Cutter
-Cut Width: 1300mm
-Cut Thickness: 0.5-3.2mm
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 80” x 29.5” x 41.3”
-Weight: 772 lbs

Exposure Machine for Screen Board
-Lamp: 3KW x 1set, can use 800-1000hours
-Glass Table Size: 1200mmx1500mm
-Max Silk Screen Board Size: 1000x1300mm
-Uniformity: >80%
-Exposing Time: 40-90 seconds
-Cooling System: Blower Air
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 55” x 61” x 49.2”
-Weight: 660 lbs

Single Side Brushing/Drying Line
-Working Width: 700mm
-Working Height: 925mm
-Board Thickness: 0.2-3.2mm
-Board Size Range: 80-600mm x 100-1200mm
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Brushing Part:
– Single Brushing & Oscillation System
-Brush Size: 320# 320# 500#
-Motor: 1.5KW, 3sets
-Oscillate motor: 200W*1set
-Acid Rinse + Pump Rinse:
-Motor: 1.1KW*4sets
-Double Spraying Rinse
-Drying Part:
-Material: 1.5mm Steel plate
-Blower: 950W*2sets
-Air knife: 4 PCS for top,4pcs for bottom
-Heater: 2KW X 3 pieces
-Thermostat: Digital thermostat and overheating protection device
-Dimensions: 280” x 68.9” x 71”
-Weight: 7,700 lbs

Screen Printing Machine
-Max Print Size: 800x1500mm
-Max Screen Frame: 1100*1300mm
-Print Thickness: 0-180mm
-Repeatability: 0.03mm
-Air Pressure: 0.5-0.6bar
-Air Consumption: 35L/Min
-Print Speed: 850 times/hour
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 76.8” x 53.1” x 75”
-Weight: 1,980 lbs

Single Etching/Rinse Drying Machine
-Effective Width: 700mm
-Conveyor Height: 900mm
-Etching + Ammonia Rinse:
-Working Length: 1500mm + 800mm
-Single Spraying with Oscillation system
-Pump: 4KW x 2sets
-Heater: Titanium,6KWx1pc
-Cooling: Titanium pipe,1 group
-Pressure Rinse Part:
-Rinse Length: 1200mm (2 units)
-1.1KW motor * 4sets
-Stripping Part:
-Working Length: 1500mm
-Double Spraying
-Pump: 4KW x 2sets
-Heater: Titanium,6KWx1pc
-Drying Part:
-Material: 1.5mm Steel plate
-Blower: 950W*2sets
-Air knife: 4pcs for top,4pcs for bottom
-Heater: 2KW X 3 pieces
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 350” x 65” x 67”
-Weight: 9,900 lbs

UV Curing Machine
-Belt Size: 600mm W x 1500mm L
-Conveyor Belt: Stainless Steel Belt 3000*2*800mm
-UV Light: 5.6KW * 2 pcs
-Conveyor Speed: 0-13 m/min
-Exhaust Fan Motor: 750W *2sets
-Machine Body Material: 1.5mm Steel with painting
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 120” x 40” x 71”

Drying Oven
-Temperature: 0-200°C
-Inside Drying: Hot Air Circulation Blower: 1.5KW
-Inside Dimensions: 1100mm x 1000mm x 1600mm
-Inside Material: Galvanized Sheet
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 63” x 47” x 91”

Developer/Rinse/Drying Machine
-Working Width: 700mm
-Conveyor Height: 900mm
-Transport Speed: 0-6 M/Min
-Developing Area:
-Developer Length: 2000mm
-Single Spraying with Oscillation System
-Pump: 4KW x 2sets
-Heater: Titanium,6KWx1pc
-Cooling: Titanium pipe,1 group
-2 Stage Rinse Part:
-Rinse Length: 1000mm
-2.2KW motor * 2 sets
-Drying Part:
-Length: 1500mm Include blower drying + heating drying
-Blower: 950W,2 sets
-Air knife: 4 PCS /top,4pcs /bottom
-Heater: 3KW*2PCS
-Electrical Requirements: 380V, 60Hz
-Dimensions: 256” x 65” x 67”
-Weight: 5,500 lbs

V-Cutter Machine
-Cutting Width: 75-480mm
-Cutting Pitch: 15-480mm
-Cutting Thickness: 1.0-3.2mm
-Cutting Speed: 7.5m/minute
-Knives to be Positioned: 1-10 knives
-Machine Material: Stainless Steel
-Dimensions: 31.1” x 27.2” x 59”
-Weight: 617 lbs

Screen Stretcher Machine
-Max Screen Stretch Size: 1200 x 1500mm
-Min Screen Stretch Size: 600 x 600mm
-Max Tension: >30N/cm
-Turbine Device: Taiwan Imported Turbo Worm Gearbox Connection Drive
-Machine Material:
-The Girder adopts 120mm x 80mm steel welding
-The collect is made of high-quality aluminum
-Machine is coated by painting
-Dimensions: 59” x 75” x 29.9”
-Weight: 617 lbs

Many Ancillary Pieces
-(1 Unit) Tray for Etching Equipment
-(300 pieces) Aluminum Substrate 1.6*1000*1200m/35um/1W
-(100 kg) LED While Solder Mask Ink
-(50 kg) Character Ink
-(100 kg) UV Ink
-(1 unit) Aluminum Screen Frame 650X1200mm
-(1 Roll) Screen Cloth for UV Ink 120T # 1270mm x 50m
-(1 Roll) Screen Cloth for LED Solder Mask 77T # 1650x50m
-(30 kg) Photosensitive Ink for making Screen Board