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Quadro Comil 194 Overdriven Conical Mill, 2019


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High Energy Conical Milling.

Low speed design applies gentle action to the product. Low energy/heat enables milling of heat sensitive products.
360° positive product discharge using the entire screen surface.

Low dust reduces risk and more environmentally friendly.
Easy clean design for low maintenance requirements.

No restrictions to capacity due to the plug-feeding capability. Ability to choke or flood feed.
Features at a glance

700-2800 RPM

Robust component design
Reduced heat generation at high capacities
WET 375Q (9.5MM) kg/hr 1100
DRY 094R (2.4MM) kg/hr 1750
DRY 040G (1.0MM) kg/hr 400
MOTOR HP (kW) 5 (4)

Unit comes with:
3 Screens (5/32″ grater, 1/2″ square hole and 1″ square hole)

Set of Spacers (.225 ; .200 ; .175 ; .150 ; .125 ; .100 ; .075 ; .050 )

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