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Siat T-330 Semi-Automatic Slitter/Rewinder, 2007


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Siat T-330 Semi-Automatic Slitter/Rewinder

Includes AccuWeb Micro1000 web guide controller and a custom splicing table

– Maximum web width: 310 mm
– Maximum O.D. log rolls: 400 mm
– Maximum O.D. rewound rolls:
190 mm with 3″ turrets
125 mm with 1″ turrets
400 mm with fixed 3″ mandrels
– Minimum slitting width:
9 mm with razor blade
6 mm with pneumatic score knives
10 mm with shear knives
– Variable speed motor 2HP DC-Motor: 0-150 m/meter, 220V, 60HZ
– Power supply: 3 phase, 2500W
– Compressed air supply: 2,5 SCFM
– Presettable roll length counters for machine stop and turret rotation

– Air-expanding / friction controlled / 3″ -unwind mandrel
– Automatic tabbing attachment
– Razor blade slitting device (20 blade holders and blades)
– Set of spacers
– Twin turrets rewind system for 3″ cores
– Pneumatic score knives slitting system
– Pneumatic score knives
– Shear knives slitting system
– Shear knives
Control panel to regulate:
– Air expanding un-winder adjuster
– Speed adjuster
– Meter counter
– Paper tab adjuster
– Main switch & stop emergency button