Sunnen Model MBB 1680 Horizontal Honing Machine, 1970 – All Hones Included


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Diameter capacity min., manual/power stroke: 0.060″
Diameter capacity max., manual stroke: 6.5″
Diameter capacity max., power stroke: 3.75″
Work length maximum, blind bores: 16″
Work length maximum, open end bore: 10″

Spindle speed: 200 – 2500 RPM
Stroke rate: 80 – 310 SPM
Approx. Machine Dimensions: 49″ x 72″ x 67″
Approx. Machine Weight: 1160 LB
Spindle motor: 1 HP
Hydraulic system motor: 1/2 HP
Power stroker motor: 1/2 HP


Power Stroking & Cast Iron Head
Hone Tool Cabinet with All Available Hones Included