Tormach PCNC 1100 Series 3 CNC VMC, 2018 – Tooling Available


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Length: 34″
Width: 9.5″
T-Slot Width: 5/8″
T-Slot Center to Center Distance: 2 3/8″
Number of Standard T-Slots: 3 along X Axis
Center Slot Precision Ground to 0.625″
Maximum Weight On Table: 500 lbs
Spindle Nose to Table: 17″(max)
Spindle Nose to Table: 1″ (min)
Spindle Center to Column Face: 11″

X Axis: 18″
Y Axis: 9.5″
Z Axis: 16.5″
Speed Range: 100-5140 RPM
Maximum Rating: 1.5 hp; 2 hp peak

Drive System Low Belt: 100-2000 RPM
Drive System High Belt: 250-5 l 40 RPM

Taper: R8
Rapids on X: 110 IPM
Rapids on Y: 110 IPM
Rapids on Z: 90 IPM
Max Cutting: 110 IPM (X,Y), 90 IPM (Z)
Operating Range: 45°F-100°F (7°C-38°C)

Equipped With:
A lot of Tooling