Trane Air Cooled Chiller 80 Ton/Heat Exchanger System, 2006


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Machine Type: Chillers
Make: Trane
Year: 2006
Machine Location: South Dakota
Stock #: 962976

Trane RTCA 080A R301 FNY Chiller, 2006
Number of coils: 4
Fins/Foot: 192
Coil Length: 156"
Coil Height: 42
Number of rows:2
-Condenser Fans
Number of fans: 4
Diameter: 30"
Total airflow (CFM): 71,750
Nominal RPM: 850
Tip Speed: 6675
Motor HP: 1.1
-Min. Starting/Open Ambient
Std unit: 25F, -3.8C
Low Ambient: -10F, -23.3C
Operating Weight: 4368 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1945 lbs
Dimmensions: 204" x 85" x 88"
Outdoor Unit Rated Voltage: 200V, 60Hz

Trane RTUA 080A R301 FNY Heat Exchanger, 2006
Nominal Tons: 40
Quantity: 2
Water storage: 37.8 Gallons
Miniumum Flow: 96 GPM
Maximum Flow: 288 GPM
Refrigerant Type: HCFC-22
%of min load: 15%
Oil charge: 12 quarts
Operating weight: 3816 lbs
Shipping weight: 3500 lbs
Dimensions: 99" x 34" x 71.8"
Indoor Unit Rated Voltage: 200V, 3P, 60Hz

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