Tsugami BS32C-III CNC Swiss Lathe, 2003 – Bar Feeder, 7 Axis, Live Tooling


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Bar Capacity: 1.25″
Spindle Speed: 7,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 2.7 HP
Max Turning Length: 9.75″
Standard Axes: X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Y2, Z2
Maximum Bar Diameter: 1 1/4″
Z1-Axis Travel (synchronous to “Z2″): 9.75”

Main Spindle:
Spindle Speed: 200 to 7,000 rpm
Indexing: Full C-Axis (.001 degree)
Programmable Servo Axis Designations:
“Z1″ Main Headstock In and Out: 9.75” “T1″
O.D. Tool Slide Up and Down: 11.6”
“X1” O.D. Tool Slide Right and Left: 2.28“
“X2″ I.D. Tool Slide Up and Down: 8.66”

Auxiliary Slide Motion:
“Z2” I.D. Tool Slide In and Out:
(synchronous to “Z1″): 7.88″

Sub-Spindle Specifications:
Maximum Diameter. 1 1/4″
Maximum Drill Capacity – mild steel: .472″
Maximum Tap Capacity – mild steel: .393″
Speed Range (serial interface): 200 to 6,000 rpm
Power Rating: 2.7 hp
Sub-Spindle Indexing: 5 degree (C-Axis Opt) Part Ejection: front or rear ejection Horsepower of Main Spindle: 7.5 hp
Driven Tool Drive Motor Rating: 1.5 hp
Maximum Speed Cross Tool T10-T12: 200-5,000 rpm
Maximum Speed Cross Tool T13: 120-3,000 rpm
Number of Tool Stations: 6 OD, 5 ID, 3 ID/OD fixed BW tools
4 Cross Driven Tools, 2 Driven B/W
Tooling Sizes, Turning: 5/8“ square
Dimensions: 88″ x 60″ X 87”
Weight: 6,000 LBS

Equipped With:

Fanuc 18iTB Control
Parts Catcher
Live Tooling
Sub Spindle
lemco Boss 432 Type Feeder