Vernon MPM5-0342 V2K Pipe Profiler 0348MPM, 1999 – Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 300, 3″-48″ Capacity


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Machine Type: Plasmas
Model: MPM5-0342
Make: Vernon
Year: 1999
Capacity: ‘ x ‘

Equipped With:

-Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 300

-Oxy/fuel Torch and Compatible with Plasma Cutting Systems.

– 5-Axis Profiling Carriage

-Profiler Capable of Cutting up Both Ends of 5.4m (17.5 Ft) Pipe in Single Set up Without Reclamping or Repositioning Pipe.

– Lifter-Conveyor Assembly with Variable Speed, Reversible Power Feed
and Hydraulic Power Unit

-4.2m (14 Ft) Turning Roll and Conveying Table to Rotate and Convey
Lengths up To 6.2m (20 Ft.)

2.7m (9 Ft.) Machine Extension, Model 0342, with 4.3m (14 Ft.) of Additional Carriage Track to Extend Overall Profiling Torch Travel to 9.5m (31 Ft.). to Include 2.7m (9 Ft.) Lifter Conveyor Extension.

12m (40 Ft.) Entrance Conveyor, Model 0342, with Hydraulic Selector Gates and Variable Speed, Reversible Power Feed

9m (30 Ft.) Discharge Conveyor, Model 0342, with Hydraulic Selector Gates, Hydraulic Power Tilt and Variable Speed, Reversible Power Feed

Voltage: 480 V/3 Phase

Thermal Dynamics Specifications:

Max OCV (U0): 380 vdc
Minimum Output Current: 10 Amps
Max Output Current: 300 Amps
Output Voltage: 60 – 230 vdc
Duty Cycle Rating : 100% @ 300A, 180V, (54kW),
Ambient Temperature
for Duty Cycle Rating: 104F° (40°C)
Operating range: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to + 50°C)
Power Factor: 0.70 @ 300 A DC Output
Cooling Forced Air: (Class F)

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