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Virtis 25XL Freeze Dryer


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-Chamber Temperature Control Range: -29°C to 0°C
-Lowest Condenser Temperature: -67°C to -70°C
-Maximum Condenser Capacity: 25 L
-Condenser Surface Area: 506 in2
-Max Ice Condensing Capacity (24 hours): 12 L
-Max Deposition Rate: 0.50 L/hour
-Number of Compressors: 2
-Product Chamber System Refrigerant: R404A
-Condenser System Refrigerant: R245fa, R508B
-Electrical Requirements: 208/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1P
-Dimensions: 34″ x 55″ x 79″
-Weight: 950 lbs

-Includes Refrigerant for Recharge
-New gaskets, valves, vacuum pump sel, oil mist filter.
-Slow, unidentifiable leak in system. Will need correcting.