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7/8″ Winton OB23 CNC Orbital Tube Bender, 2015 – Tooling Included


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Standard Equipment:
∙ Three (3) Axis CNC Control Operating From a Windows 8®PC
∙ CNC wipe bending process allows for minimum straight lengths between bends
∙ Electric Powered Servo Bend Head (A axis) with programmable speed control
∙ Electric Powered Servo for L axis and R axis with programmable speed control
∙ Pneumatic Powered Clamp and Wipe Dies with over-center locking mechanisms
∙ Swing Arm Safety Guard Located On Bend Head For Safe Machine Operation
∙ Dual Plane Straightener Assembly Mounted On Blanchard Ground Plates
∙ CW (RH) Bend Arm Rotation
∙ Chipless type cutoff system provides for accurate tube cutting
∙ Windows 8 PC user interface and two E stops for safe machine operation
∙ Payoff used to support a bulk spool of tubing, non-powered
∙ Laser Scanner & E Stop For Safe Machine Operation
∙ Electric Servo Controlled Hitch Feed (L axis) for Accurate Length Positioning
∙ X,Y,Z To L,R,A Conversion
∙ 3D Part Viewer Allows For Verification of LRA Bend Data Before Bending
∙ Springback Compensation
∙ Safety Laser Scanner

Standard Features/Specifications:
Maximum # of Bends: Maximum 64 Bends Per Part
Machine Capacity: Ø1/8 – Ø7/8 x .05 Wall Copper
Machine Repeatability: Length ± 0.004”, Rotation ± 0.25°, Angle ± 0.1°
Minimum DBB: .50” (distance between bends)
Max Speeds; L:R:A: 18”/Second: 90°/Second: 135°/Second
Min/Max Bend Radius: 0.50”/2.20” Centerline Radius / (1.5D of bend)
Maximum Part Length: Unlimited
Maximum R Axis Rotation: ± 200°
Input (Mains) Power: 208/220 VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Operator’s Manual: English – flash drive with electronic copy (.PDF)
Pneumatic Pressure: 80 psi minimum
Control Panel/Display: High Resolution Color Display
Working Height: 38.5”
Machine Dimensions: 32” wide x 105” long x 51” tall
Machine Weight: 2200 pounds

Equipped with:
∙ 14 roll dies
∙ Two backup cams and one cutter cam
∙ Three clamp assemblies
∙ One cut head tube guide
∙ One bend die, One wiper die, one clamp die, and one bend head tube guide
Additional Bend Die
Bend die for 5/32”(.156”) OD x 7/16” CLR (.437”)

Software Options:
Multi-Program Capability
Single Step Mode
Allows a user to single step thru a program. This feature can be helpful when trouble shooting a bent profile