Xtravac CM900A Dual Chamber Vacuum Sealer


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Machine Type: Packaging Equipment
Make: Xtravac
Model: CM900A
Year: 2019
Machine Location: California
Stock #: 075975

– Installed a new 380v coil and replaced the phase reversal relay with an OEM unit.
– Examined the coil circuit, the pump delay timer, the phase reversal relay, and the contactor OL.
– Verified correct voltage on fuses for the control circuit and replaced the fuse.
– swapped vacuum hoses so the right chamber’s bladders worked as intended.
– Performance Maintenance Kit (Busch oil changed and filter replaced).
– Serviced Vacuum Pump
-Approximately $1,800 worth of OEM spare parts, including:
Start/stop switch, Roll of Teflon tape, Seal Wire, Control Board, Taper Spring, Safety Switch Cable, Hex
Nuts, Inner Hex Screw, O-Rings, Bag Cutting Blade Springs, Wire Terminals, E-stop, Limit Switch, Seal
Pads, 2 Cranks, 2 extra seal bars.

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