Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 with ArcWorld 1000, 2017 – Welding Robot Workcell and Torch Cleaning Station, DX200 Controller


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MA1440 Robot
6 kg payload 1,440 mm reach
ArcWorld Welding Package
Weld-in-Teach mode function Graphic arc files
Digital weld interface Integrated torch package Arm-mounted 4-roll wire feeder

DX200 Controller
Modules (full size) for dual or triple robots Programming pendant with single point of control Large color touch screen
USB and CF card memory storage
Standard Workcell Software Functions
AC servo driven
Ergonomic load and program heights
table top diameter: 1,524 mm
Coordinated motion
Mirror copy
Ladder logic editing/display Collision detection
Software weaving
Safety ReTeach 721
Ethernet port Fieldbus I/O options

Workcell Features
Common cell base and programming platform
Pneumatic F/R/L with manifold
Power distribution (with multiple robots)
Operator Control (fence-mounted)
Illuminated push button cycle start
(latching relay interlocked for safety)