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Used Forklifts For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used Forklifts below. Inventory includes a variety of brands and sizes. If you don’t find the forklift you are looking for, please contact us!

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about forklifts or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used forklift, do so here!

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What Should Be Considered When Purchasing A Used Forklift?

When purchasing a used forklift, there are a few questions you should consider getting answers to before making that final decision. This includes:

Should I buy a used gas or electric forklift?

There are a number of things to consider when deciding between a propane forklift or an electric forklift including the type of industry you’re in.

Industries: Agriculture, construction, warehousing, concrete, trucking and logistics, recycling, manufacturing, lumberyards, steel and scrap yards, building supplies and more may benefit from using propane forklifts due to the extreme weights that need to be handled. Industries including grocery and retail, cold storage, food and beverage processors, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals and warehouse settings may benefit from used electric forklifts due to emission concerns, worker safety or infrastructure design.

Cost: Electric forklifts usually cost more up-front, as you’re paying for fuel in the form of a battery, as well as any costs associated with charging stations, safety equipment, etc. With that being said, electric forklifts have a lower total cost of ownership. According to First Energy, it’s 75% cheaper to operate an electric forlift than a propane forklift.

Maintenance: Propane forklifts requiring regular maintenance like oil changes, engine tune-ups, filter replacements and more, while electric forklifts have fewer moving parts which equates to less maintenance and downtime while saving you money.

Operationally: Used propane forklifts offer more flexibility, being able to be used indoors and outdoors while used electric forklifts are better suited for indoor, dry environments.

Power & Run-Time: Used propane forklifts come out on top, with more torque, the ability to tackle inclines and slopes better and always running at full power as long as the fuel tank is full and there are no engine issues.

Additional factors you’ll want to consider are safety and ease-of-use.

What is the history of the forklift model you’re considering?

Find out how often it was used and what type of loads it carried. Was there great stress put on the used forklift due to carrying heavy loads outside in the weather or was it used in a warehouse to carry smaller loads? Though two used forklifts you’re considering may seem identical, their usage and work history may be completely different.

What is the used forklift capable of hauling?

Depending on the industry you’re in, you’ll want to determine the purpose of the forklift, as the wrong forklift may not be capable of doing what you need it to. What do you need the forklift to haul and how far will it need to carry the load? How much weight will the forklift carry and does the used forklift you’re interested in have that kind of capacity? Will the forklift be used indoors or outdoors? Will the forklift be used frequently? Considering these items will ensure you’re selecting the right forklift for the job.

Is there a maintenance record on the used forklift you’re interested in?

While the forklift may appear to be in good working condition, has it gone through routine scheduled maintenance over the years? The last thing you want is to purchase a used forklift only to have it breakdown and cause you costly repairs. Find out if there is documentation on the maintenance history of the used forklift you’re looking to purchase to ensure it’s been checked on a regular basis.

Are forklift attachments included in the purchase? Can attachments be added later?

Usually, any forklift attachments included should be available for you to see in the product listing, but it’s always best to confirm everything that’s included with the used equipment you’re interested in. If you need a forklift to adapt to your specific business needs but it doesn’t have the attachment that you need, make that clear and ask if one can be installed by a local forklift dealer near you.