138 Ton x 10′ Finn-Power B125-3060 CNC Press Brake, 2004 – 6-Axis Backgauge, Wila Tooling, Sick Safety Light Curtains, Transformer, Delem 69 CNC Control


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Tonnage: 138
Length: 10′
Max Pressure: 3,263 PSI
Max Working Pressure: 3,045 PSI
Stroke Length: 9.8″
Max Stop Time: 81ms
Max Stopping Distance: 7mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 13′ x 7′ x 9.5′
Approx. Weight: 23,500lbs

Equipped With:
6-Axis Backgauge
Wila Tooling
Sick C4000 Safety Light Curtains
Delem 69 CNC Control
Ethernet Card DNI-06 for Delem Control
Ethernet Software OP-EN-S for Delem Control
Wila Modufix Hydraulic Upper Tool Clamping
Wila Moducrown CNC Crowning Device
Wila Modufix Hydraulic Lower Tool Clamping
Wila Hydraulic Power Pack
Two Adjustable Front Supports with Brush Table Tops
Two Hand Control, Pedestal Mounted
Ram Equipped with Adapters for Accepting Wila Tooling