4000 Watt Cincinnati CL-940 Fiber Laser, 2012- 6′ x 12′ Table W/1 Year CI Pro Plan


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Table Size: 6′ x 12′
X Axis Travel:148 inches
Y Axis Travel: 74 inches
Z-Axis Travel: 43.5 inches
Maximum Laser Power: 4000 Watt Fiber
Positioning System Design: Flying Optic
Type Of Resonator: IPG
Number of Tables: 2
Type of CNC Control: Meldas 500 Series HMI 15″ LCD Touch Screen CNC
Rapid Traverse Jog (X AND Y AXIS): 1200 IPM
Rapid Traverse Jog (Z AXIS): 1700 IPM
Positioning Speed 12,000 IPM
Polarization: Random
Microprocessor: Multi-Processor
Pulse Frequency: 8 – 5000 HZ
Lens Focal Length: 7.5″
Beam Quality: 50 Micron Feeding Fiber
Modes of Operation: Continuous Wave, Quasi-Continuous Wave
Nozzle Cooling Purge: Compressed Air Filter/Dryer
Compressed Air Supply: 480 SCFM @ 80 TO 140 PSIG
Absolute Positioning: X & Y AXIS +/- 0.001″
Rapid Traverse (Z AXIS): 1,700 IPM
Repeatability X & Y AXIS: .001″
Normal Jog (X AND Y AXIS): 300 IPM
Rapid Traverse (X/Y): Simultaneous 12,020 IPM
Accelerations X AND Y AXIS: 1.65 G
Accelerations Z-AXIS: 2.00 G
Cutting Capacities – OXYGEN 10 GA. TO 1/2″
Cutting Capacities – NITROGEN 20 GA. TO 1/4″
Assist Gas Pressure Adjustment: 5 – 400 PSI
Voltage: 460V ~ 3 PHASE

Equipped With:

Cincinnati Touch Screen Controls, 4000 Watt Fiber Laser Source, 6′ x 12′ Dual Pallet Shuttle Tables, Capacitive Cutting Head, Chiller Unit.

Machine has 13,900 Power On Hours and 2755 Beam On Hours. 3 of 5 IPG Power Source Modules have been replaced.

***New Cost for comparable machine – $800,000***