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Autoprod VS-1×2 Vac-U-Seal Cup Filling Machine, 1996


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Vac-U-Seal VS-1×2 by Autoprod INC. The machine is a conveyor based machine consisting of a number of stations to perform the basic functions of dispensing containers, filling the containers with a desired product, providing an air tight seal in a modified atmosphere & pressure and transporting the filled containers to secondary operations or packaging. Containers are manually stacked at the cup drop station and are mechanically separated from the stack and dispensed in advancing platens. To accommodate the wide variety of customer products , each filling station is unique to the product type with respect to product temperature, mix, and consistency. Multiple fillers may be installed to obtain different fill patterns and compositions. This may be accomplished by adjusting the timing of the filler valve, the speed of the filler nozzles. Pre-die cut lids are vacuum picked from a magazine and placed over the filled containers before they advance into the first of two heat seal stations. The first sealing operation is the tack seal. This is an intermediate seal which holds down the lid so that the next station may complete the seal. The map seal provides the completed seal with the modified atmosphere and pressure. The completed container now contains an inert atmosphere at a desired vacuum level.

460V, 3P, 60Hz