Filamatic DAB 32-2 Benchtop Voumetric Filler Unit


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Machine Type: Filling Machines
Make: Filamatic
Model: DAB 32-2
Year: 1900
Machine Location: Wisconsin
Stock #: 639298

DAB-32-2 Series Heavy Duty Filling Machines

Filling speed up to 24RPM or 24 cycles per minute.

Ideal for applications that require dispensing two different liquids at different fill volume

316 SS product contact parts that deliver fill accuracy in the ± ½ % range.

Fill Volumes from 10ml to 1100ml depending on the size of pump required.

Includes a Heavy-duty, variable speed 1 HP drive that provides over 3000 in/lbs. of torque. Available drive packages from 12 RPM-24 RPM. The lower the RPM rate the more torque the machine delivers.

220V operation, compressed air may be required for some applications.
Optional diving nozzle mechanism is available for liquids that foam or string

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