Haas DS-30Y CNC Multi Axis Turning Center, 2019 – 2 Live Tools, Barfeeder, Tool Presetter, Available Today


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Swing Over Bed 31.75
Swing Over Cross Slide 20.75
Swing Over Second Spindle 21.75
Standard Chuck Size 8.3
Max. Cutting Diameter 18.0
Max. Cutting Length 23.0
Max. Bar Capacity 2.0
Main Spindle:
Standard Chuck Size 8.3
Max. Spindle Speed 4000 Rpm
Spindle Motor 30 Hp
Spindle Nose A2-6
Spindle Bore 3.50"
Max. Torque 300 Ft-Lb @ 500 Rpm
C-Axis Motor 5 Hp
C-Axis Positioning 0.01 Degree
C-Axis Brake Clamp Force 1000 Lbs.
C-Axis Brake Diameter 14.4
C-Axis Control Type Interpolated Motion
Standard Chuck Size 8.3"
Max. Spindle Speed 4000 Rpm
Spindle Motor 20 Hp
Spindle Nose A2-5
Spindle Bore 2.44"
Max. Torque 135 Ft-Lb @ 700 Rpm

Number of Tool Positions 12
Boring Bar Clearance 4.0"
Live Tooling:
Max. Speed 4000 Rpm
Drive Ratio 1:1
Travel & Feedrates:
X-Axis Travel 12.5
Y-Axis Travel +/-2.0
Z-Axis Travel 23.0
X,y Rapids 472 Ipm
Z Rapids 945 Ipm
Max. Thrust, X-Axis 4100 Lbs.
Max. Thrust, Y-Axis 2300 Lbs.
Max. Thrust, Z-Axis 5100 Lbs.

Equipped With:

Chip Conveyor Included
2 Live Tools (1 Straight, 1 Cross) Included
5 C Collet Chuck on Main and Sub Included
All Originally Included Static Tool Holders Included
Tool Presetter Included