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Machine Type:
Process Equipment
HR600 High Speed Automatic Solvent Recycler

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Solvent Recycler Hr600;

Solvent Recycler Hr Series Can Process Dirty Solvent Working by Continuous Batch Cycle or Constant Filling of Distillation Vessel. the Machine Will Be Supplied with Its Own 535 Gallon Dirty and Clean Stocking Tanks. Distillation Cycle Can Be Programmed According to The Solvent to Be Recycled. Simply Entering Distillation Parameters the Machine Is Quickly and Easily Programmed to The Temperature, Time and Type of Operation (by Batch or With Constant Filling). the Solvent Volume of The Distillation Vessel Is Controlled by 2 Explosion-Proof Level Controls. the Scraper Installed in The Distillation Vessel Permits Stirring of The Solution Assisting Distillation and Keeping the Vessel Sides Clean. Diathermic Oil Is Continuously Recirculated, by Means of The High Flow Pump (158 G/min.), from The Heating Sytem to The Distillation Vessel. the Heating System Consists of A Package of Heating Elements. the High Flow Pump Permits Maximum Heat Exchange Providing High Performance of The Recycler. the Distillation Vessel Has a Cone Shaped Bottom with A 3“ Central Valve for Residual Discharge. the Machine Works Under Vacuum. the Vacuum Is Generated by A Liquid Ring Pump, Vapors Are Condensed Into a Stainless Steel Water
Cooled Condenser.

Hr 600 Requires Chilled Water for Vapor Condensation.

Technical Features;
-Entirely Automatic Working Cycle, Based on The Vapor Temperature Read-Out or A Timed End of Cycle
-Stainless Steel Tank Aisi 304 with Conical Bottom and Mixer System
-Rotating Blade for Automatic Cleaning of Tank
-153 Gallons Capacity
-Heating Is Accomplished by Elements Submerged in Diathermic Oil
-Requires 46 Gallons of Diathermic Oil
-47 Kw Rated Power
-Temperature Control Through Digital Microprocessor with Lcd Touch Screen Display, Diagnostics with Error Signal, Alarms and Ordinary Maintenance
-Operating Temperature 50-190°c
-Security Temperature 230°c
-460v/3/50-60hz 47 Kw
-Up to 105* G/h
-Water-Cooled Stainless Steel Condenser
-Distillation Vessel Cone Bottom, with Scraper

Machine Dimensions;
107x 81x 146

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