Milltronics HMC70 – C Horizontal Mill (HMC), 2008


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Spindle bore: 4.3 in
Length of the working table: 59 in
Width of the working table: 47 in
Maximum table load (evenly distributed): 11000 lb
Power of the spindle drive: 20 hp
Minimum rotary speed of the spindle: 35 1/min
Maximum rotary speed of the spindle: 3000 1/min
Travel length X-axis (mechanical feed): 86 in
Travel length Y-axis (mechanical feed): 63 in
Travel length Z-axis (mechanical feed): 61 in
Maximum feed rate in X-axis: 8.3 in/s
Maximum feed rate in Y-axis: 8.3 in/s
Maximum feed rate in Z-axis: 8.3 in/s
Machine height: 145 in
Machine length: 324 in
Machine width: 190 in
Machine weight: 25 Tons

Machine would need to be taken apart for rigging
Issues with X and W axis ballscrews