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Starbend 800 CN3 3 Axis CNC Rotary Draw Bending Machine, 2021 – Hexagon 7-Axis Measuring Arm


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$440,000 New replacement cost with same options.

Max tube / mild steel round – 80×5 mm
Max bending radius – 320 mm
Max push length – 4200 mm
Useful length over mandrel – 6000 mm
Max bar passage inside the P.O.B. positioner – 76 mm
Dimension under the bending head – 515 mm
Bending head overhang – 515 mm
Bending head interface radius – 200 mm
Operating power 3 phase – 400/480 V
Operating frequency – 50/60 HZ
Approx. weight – 6000kg
Bending direction: Left or right
Bender dimensions – 1750×7300 H1550 mm

Equipped With

Starbend 800 CN3 3 axis rotary draw
800 AMP (L) Machine bed extension
from 4 meters (standard) to 6 meters
Two stack option with pneumatic tail stock shifitng capabilities that will allow combination rotary draw, compression, and interpolation bending onto one part.

Hexagon 7-Axis Model 8535. Absolute Measuring Arm, Accessories & Software for scanning and reverse engineering
tubular products bundle
Hexagon – Inspire” general metrology scanning software

Increased axis collet boost and push bend capacity.

Single seat user license of Tubeworks Advanced Tube Processing Software
stand alone application.

Keyence laser scanner with pre- programmed Safety area.
Tooling supports / holders one following block / pressure die holder complete with hydraulic cylinder and linear roller bearings
BA80 MAster Collet

Bend Tooling – One complete set of 1.25″ OD Round X .120″ wall bend tools with capability to bend up to 120 degrees (for Talos drawing as supplied).