Vacudest L 6000 Vacuum Distillation System, 2017


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-Active Powerclean Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger, to Reduce Operation Cost
-Clearcat Condensation Stage for Complete Removal of Hydrocarbons
-Destcontrol to Further Improve Distillate Quality
-E-service, Internet Connection of Vacutouch Control System
-Premium Exhaust Air Cooling, Premium Noise Protection

Annual Capacity: 1,600,000 Gallons (8,000 Hours of Operation, 5% Average Evaporation Residue of the Wastewater)
Reference Capacity with Pure Water: 264 Gal/Hour
Average Capacity with Wastewater: 198 Gal/Hour
Energy Consumption Starting From: 0.17 kWh/Gal
Compressed Air Supply: 6 Bar Oil-Free, Dried, Filtered
Effective Power: 45 kW
Electrical Requirement: 480V, 60Hz, 200A
Ambient Temperature: 44.6°F- 95°F
Weight (Empty): 11000 Lbs.
Dimensions: 11’L x 7’W x 10’H