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Used Grinder Machines For Sale

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A grinding machine uses a rotating grinding wheel to cut into materials. They are fully automated during the loading and unloading process. These machines do not require an operator although limited supervision is of course required. The automation with these machines limits the chance for human error.

Grinding machines are capable of producing mass quantities of materials for various operations.  They are highly accurate and can be programmed to produce precise cuts and finishes. The grinding machines can also process hard materials such as steel and brittle materials such as glass.  Each machine consists of spindle components, a feeding unit, wheel/head/tail frames, work table, bed body and the column.

There are several types of grinding machines.  There are belt grinders, cylindrical grinders, bend grinders and surface grinders.

Belt grinder:  A belt grinder uses coated abrasive metals as well as other materials for finishing, deburring and/or stock removal. 

Cylindrical grinder: A cylindrical grinder does not have a center and is used for grinding rotating material. 

Bench grinder: A bench grinder usually has two different grinding wheels.  One wheel removes material and the other finishes. The wheels are secured to a workbench, hence the name. 

Surface grinder: A surface grinder has an abrasive wheel, a rotary table and a chuck.  The chuck holds the material while the wheel is rotated to produce a smooth finish.

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