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Press Brakes

Used Press Brakes For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used press brakes. Inventory includes a variety of brands, tonnage and lengths of both mechanical and hydraulic press brakes. The primary press brake brands include: Accurpress, Amada, Baykal, Bystronic, Chicago, Cincinnati, Guifil, HTC, Pacific, Verson, Wysong and more. If you can’t find the press brake you are looking for, contact us.

Used press brakes are some of Revelation Machinery’s most popular machines and make up a large part of our inventory of machines. If there are any other questions we can help you answer, contact the used equipment experts at Revelation Machinery. Looking to sell your equipment? Learn how easy it is to sell your used press brakes to Revelation Machinery today!

We offer the following used press brakes for sale:
Hydraulic Press Brakes | Mechanical Press Brakes | Hybrid Press Brakes | Electric Press Brakes


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Found Results

110 Ton
x 8'
Evolution 8x110
Year: 2011
100 Ton
x 10'
Year: 2000
80 Ton
x 8'
Promecam ITPS
Year: 1989
135 Ton
x 10'
Series 5
Year: 1970
60 Ton
x 8'
Year: 1998
150 Ton
x 12'
Year: 1970
100 Ton
x 10'
Year: 1998
175 Ton
x 14'
Year: 1991
175 Ton
x 16'
Year: 1999
15 Ton
x 4'
Year: 1900
200 Ton
x 20'
Standard Industrial
Year: 1994
25 Ton
x 4'
Year: 1998

Press brakes are fabrication machines that are primarily used to bend sheet and plate material, most often sheet metal. These machines clamp the workpiece between a matching punch and die to form predetermined bends. There are many types of press brakes and Revelation Machinery primarily carries 2 types, Hydraulic Press Brakes and Mechanical Press Brakes. These 2 types are defined below.

Hydraulic Press Brakes – This type of press brake typically has two cylinders mounted on the side houses in the front of the machine. These press brakes have better control when setting up your bend and a more precise bend. Other features include variable speed control (much faster), quick retraction and the capability to reverse the stroke at any time. Due to all of this, used hydraulic press brakes are usually the safest and most expensive type of press brake. Revelation Machinery has a large inventory of hydraulic press brakes and you can view them here.

Mechanical Press Brakes – Mechanical press brakes have lost some popularity with the emergence of Hydraulic press brakes, yet still offer major advantages. To start, they are typically significantly more affordable than other types of press brakes. Some believe punching and pressing is better done with a mechanical press brake than a hydraulic press brake, due to them having two connections to the crank shaft and a fixed stroke length. This type is great for small jobs and the machines often have little wear and tear. You may also find that your press brake operator has a preference to this type of machine.

Premium brands of press brakes are often considered to be Accurpress, Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, and Pacific Press Technologies. These machines have a long and reputable history, so often buyers feel more comfortable purchasing these brands of press brakes. Due to this, these do come at a higher cost but often customers are okay paying this premium for the comfort of a well known brand. Revelation Machinery regularly has a large and updated inventory of these brands of machines.

There are hundreds of brands of press brakes other than the few listed above, that still offer high quality machines. Many of these brands are also still recognizable names and carry a strong reputation. These machines you can typically get a more affordable price than a premium brand and if you do your due diligence you may end up with a high quality machine that can perform the same job, at a more affordable price.

Used press brakes are some of Revelation Machinery’s most popular machines and make up a large part of our inventory of machines. If there are any other questions we can help you answer, please reach out to us. If you are looking to sell your press brake, you can do so here.

Thanks for checking out our press brakes.