4′ X 8′ Vector 2513F CNC Router, 2021 – Brand New, With Vacuum Table


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Working stroke X, Y, Z, inch (mm): 4`*8`*10” (2500 * 1300 * 250)
Machine frame: all-metal, welded, milled in one go
Coating: waterproof plywood
Securing the workpiece: vacuum table
Portal and guides:
Travel speed, idle, m / min: 0-20
Travel speed, working, m / min *: 0-18
Positioning accuracy, inch: 0.002
Travel drive X, Y, Z, mm: Ball screws, Hiwin
Guide type: Linear, Hiwin
Lubrication cartridges: Hiwin
Spindle – TEKNOMOTOR (Italy):
Power, kWt: 2.2
Revolutions, rpm: 6,000 – 24,000
Cooling type: Air
Collet type: ER 20
Max. cutter shank diameter, inch: 0.79
Frequency converter, power, kW: 2.2
Stepper motors:
Dimension: NEMA 34
Current strength, A: 4.2
Shaft diameter, inch: 0.55
Torque, N * m: 4,5
Angle of rotation (step), degrees: 1,8
Drivers: YAKO YKD2608MH
Overall dimensions of the machine, L * W * H, Inches: 118 * 59 * 66
Machine weight, kg: 1000
* The Working Speed of Movement Depends on The Properties of The Material Being Processed, the Depth and Cutting Mode, the Spindle Speed and The Quality of The Tool Used.