4000 Watt Amada FO3015NT CO2 Laser, 2008-5’x10′


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Maximum: 5 X 10’ (61” X 122.8”)
Sheet Configuration: Dual Pallet
Laser Design: Flying Optic
Rated Power: 4000
X-Axis Travel: 122.8”
Y-Axis Travel: 61”
Z-Axis Travel: 7.87”
Maximum Rapid Traverse: 3150 IPM
Maximum Material Weight: 1875 Lbs
Material Capacities
Mild Steel: 3/4”
Stainless Steel: 1/2”
Aluminum: 1/4”

Amada AMNC-F CNC Control

Fanuc C4000i-C Laser Resonator
Donaldson Torit Dust Collector
Pull Out Scrap Containers

Machine Footprint: 385” L X 107” W
Approximate Overall Weight: 26,400 Lbs

As of 3/11/2021 had 68,903 hours on the laser. Replaced at 60,098. Has 15,195 left on a 24K blower.