5 ‘X 8’ Komo VR 805 Q CNC Router, 1994


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Table Travel: (Cross) Y-Axis 71-1/2″
Table Dimensions: (W X L) 60″ x 96″
Working Envelope: 96″x60″x8″
Perske 12.5 HP 4
Programmable Spindle speeds through 18,000 RPM
Piggyback high speed drills: 2

Spindle Carriers:
Transverse Travel: (X-Axis) 162″
Spindle Head Travel on Cross Rail: (X-Axis)
Longitudinal travel 244″ to Center of spindle (Adjustable) 10″thru 24″
Routers: 4
Variable through 18,000 RPM
Collet Type Quick Change: 1/8″ thru 1″
Vertical Travel: (Z-Axis) 8″
Z Position Slide: 6″
High speed Drills: (Piggyback) 4
RPM: 18,000
Capacity: 3/8″
Drill Chuck Assemblies: 1/2″
Vertical Travel: (Z-axis) 8″
Feed Range Tranverse:
X & Y-Axis: 1000 IPM
Z-Axis: 600 IPM

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