6″ AMOB eMOB150 Full Electric CNC Multistack Tube Bending Machine, 2019 – Fully Equipped


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Machine Type: Tube Benders
Model: eMOB150
Make: AMOB
Year: 2019
Capacity: 6” Ø

Max bending OD x thickness in a maximum of 40ksi material (mm): 150, 0 x 3, 0
Maximum centerline bending radius (mm): 400

Maximum useful length:
From main shaft to POB (mm): 4000
From main shaft to mandrel extractor (mm): 7000
Maximum bending angle (º): 180 + 10
Standard bending direction: Right
Positioner pass through maximum OD (mm): 152
Useful stack height (mm): 390
Die tool diameter (mm): 120
Working height (mm): 1570
Pneumatic system requirements (bar): 6
Frequency (Hz): 47 -63
Power phases: 3
Power voltage (V): 400
Installed power (kVA): 68
CNC power supply voltage (V): 24 DC
Enclosure protection degree: IP 55
Ambient temperature (ºC): 5 – 40
Relative humidity (%): 5 – 75
Setting dims (standard) (LxWxH – mm): 9951x2606x2127
Machine approximate weight (standard) (kg): 30.000

PC CNC control unit equipped with industrial grade PC:
LCD monitor – screen 19’, data input over touch screen
High speed SSD hard drive (solid state)
Windows 10 Enterprise
“NJ Series” real time operating system,
Powerful motion control platform from OMRON.
Free storage of 40GB (approx. 4 million parts storage)
Parts explorer (opening, save, save as, edit, delete, create new folders, rename folders and files, delete folders, 3d simulation, 3d visualization, elastic calibration, etc.
Ethernet connection
Com, DVI and Display ports
5 USB doors, 1 side connection and 4 internal

All Electric Vertical CNC Pressure Die Assist
Increased Programmable Carriage Booster
Former Die Withdrawing System
Wiper Die Support Stack
Automatic Wiper Die Lubrication
Automatic Spring Back Verification/ Correction
Automatic Mandrel Lubrication
Laser Scanner CE
Manual Centralized Lubrication

Machine On Hours: 2,700

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