BLM Adige LT652B Tube Laser, 2002


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Can accept tubing of:
10′ 6″ to 21′ 4″ LENGTH
1/2″ to 5 1/2″ DIAMETER

Installed power for brushless operations – 18kVA
Nominal power – 27A
Fuse power – 63A
Absorption Cycle – 80%
Oil Pump installed power – 5kVA

Minimum Length of Bars – 3200mm
Maximum Length of Bars – 6500mm
Maximum Weight of Bars – 15kg/mt
Dimension of Bars:
-Circular Section 0 from 12 to 140mm
-Square Section side from 12 to 120mm
-Rectangular and Flat Oval Section Inside a circle of 170mm, with a minimum side of 12mm, maximum side of 140mm and a maximum difference of 110mm among the sides
Maximum Capacity of loading cradle – 4000kg
Maximum Unload length – 3500mm-4500mm

480V, 60Hz, Phase 3

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by purchasing entity