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Heat and Control Complete Corn Tortilla Line, 2023 – Includes Processing Equipment, Masa Feeder and Sheeter, Toaster / Equilibrator, Frying Section, Seasoning Section – NEW IN CRATES


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Machine Type: Process Equipment
Make: Heat and Control
Model: Complete Corn Tortilla Chip Line
Year: 2023
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 485711

Heat and Control Complete Corn Tortilla Chip Line Including:

Processing Equipment:
– Corn simmer kettle – stainless steel construction complete with hemispherical steam jacket, stirrer, ball valve, RTD sensor, hinged cover, with safety mesh.
– Simmer water meter
– Kettle steam control
– Stainless steel platform for cooking kettle
– Stainless steel cooked corn receival tank
– Cooked corn transfer pump with piping and valves
– Soaked corn transfer pump with piping and valves
– Stainless steel 400 Gallon Capacity Corn steep tank with manually operated discharge bung, clear PVC discharge piping
– Stainless steel platform for soak tanks
– Hydra sieve, destoner, drum washer, drain conveyor, platform and pipework
– Corn mill feeder box
– Heat and control corn mill

Masa Feeder and Sheeter:
– Masa feeder, low level, stainless steel construction
– Model 210U2 Masa Pump with Masa piping in stainless steel complete with fishtail spreader discharge
– Sheeter – complete with typical cutter assembly (1 typical shape), stainless steel construction, manual wire tuning, direct driven rollers, adjustable take-out conveyor

Toaster / Equilibrator
Tortilla Chip Oven complete with 3 passes, carbon steel mesh belt with stainless steel cross rods, variable speed drive, barometric exhaust damper, rotation monitoring for each belt.

Baseline configuration:
– Mild steel frame with stainless steel trim and doors
– Natural draft stack venting
– Natural draft trim cooling
– Balanced weave type chain edge belt with side guides
– Separate blower for product turns
– Separate motors for all belts, direct drive
– Spring tension of belts
– Piloted lighting of main burners with flame rod sensing on pilot
– Individual tier temperature control for each belt
– Barometric exhaust damper
– Rotation monitoring for each belt

Equilibrating conveyor, Three (3) pass. Stainless steel construction.

Infeed conveyor to the fryer to accommodate the extruder

Frying section
– Tortilla chip fryer complete with heavy stainless steel monocoque pan construction, stainless steel hood and trim panels, stainless steel belt with carbon steel side chain, mechanical screw hoists
– Motorized catch box complete with stainless steel construction, trims including heat shields, air-knife, including safety switch and fines discharge chute. Capacity: 350 USGPM
– Main oil pump, cast iron complete with drive and stainless-steel base
– Coil type heat exchanger, (gas) single-fuel system – c/w MS Painted Body, SS Coil, Fully modulating burner
– Interconnecting pipe work, stainless steel pipes and flanges, case iron valves
– Oil transfer pump, cast iron centrifugal with drive and stainless-steel base
– Combustible liquid storage tank complete with heaters and stainless steel construction. (Drawings only)
– Exhaust stacks, TTO, CTHX, Fryer up to 6 mtrs ceiling height (Drawings only)
– Ambient air cooler, with heat resistant plastic belt conveyor, fan, removable tiler pad, drive, accessory doors, stainless steel construction
– Exhaust stacks, AAC up to 6 mtrs ceiling height (drawings only)

Seasoning section
– Tumble drum, TD 2806, stainless steel construction, with flights, support structure on castors
– MSI oil application, one pump manifold with three (3) model 44 pumps, one (1) three nozzle spray arm, one (1), 40 quart (38 litre) liquid stockpot with: low level sensor, liquid and pneumatic isolation valves, one (1), coating drum mounting hardware package. Stand-alone PLC Electrical Control Panel.

Flavor measuring system, S5A, complete with:
– Single drive
– Washdown capable
– 1 x seasoning auger, stainless steel 304
– 1 x additional auger for salt
– Hopper 0.5 cubic feet long feed tube with extension, stainless steel solid helix auger
– Hopper includes low level sensor for sensing product height in hopper
– Mounting assembly for flavor applicator
– Massaging paddles

Seasoning section Continued:
– Scarf plate feeder
– Economy stand for Auger-Seas-Tech, stainless steel construction, supports scarf plate and Tecweigh. Includes “T” pedestals
– Electrical control panel (for seasoning) complete with PLC control operator interface and PLC programming, stainless steel enclosure
– Wiring to control panel

Note: wiring between J-boxes and main control panels excluded

– Control panel in stainless steel to control cooking and soaking equipment. Push button.
– Control panel in stainless steel to control washing and milling equipment. Push button.
– Control panel in stainless steel to control sheeter, toaster oven. Push button.
– Control panel in stainless steel to control frying and cooling equipment. Push button.
Machine pre-wiring – from devices to J-Boxes using stainless steel conduits

Note: wiring between J-boxes and main control panels excluded.

Power supply: 220V, 3 ph, 60hz

**Additional pictures and information available upon request**

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