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PDS100-SFSTH Smooth Flo Metering Pump 5 to 15 ml/min Unit 2, 2019 – NEVER USED


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Machine Type: Pumps
Make: Fluid Metering
Model: Smoth Flo PDS100-SFSTH
Year: 2019
Machine Location: Texas
Stock #: 192133

The PDS100 is a precision system capable of dispensing or pumping fluids ranging from 5 mL per dispense or 15 mL/min continuous (Single RH00LF) up to 1536 mL/min (Dual Q3) into pressures ranging from 10 psi (Q3) to 100 psi (RH). The PDS100 offers single, dual (in phase, out of phase and independent) pump head control. PDS100 offers RS485 communications, which allows the user to control the PDS100 via a PC or PLC. Dry contact inputs offer an easy method to start and stop the pumps through the use of a simple switch. The PDS100 also offers inputs which provide control of the dispense rate via a 0 – 10 VDC, 0 –5 VDC or 4–20 mA input.

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