Peddinghaus PCD 1100, 2013


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Beams, Channels, Tubes, Angles, Flats
Max. Profile Width: 44″
Max. Profile Height: 18″
Max. Profile Width: 2″
Min. Profile Height: 3/4″
Min. Profile Length: 64-1/4″
Max. Length/Weight: 300 lbs./ft. to a max. of 18,000 lbs.
3 Drill spindles: (1 per axis)
Cat 40 Tooling
25 hp spindle motors
Spindle Speed: 0-02250 RPM
Max. Hole Size w/ HSS Twist Drills: 1-9/16″ Dia.
Max. Hole Size w/ Carbide Insert Drills: 1-1/4″
Min. Hole Size: 3/8″
Max. X axis speed:130 Ft./Min.
Max. Y,Z and W speed: 40 Ft./Min.
Machine Dimensions: 96″ x 96″ x 204″
Machine Weight: 16,000 lbs.
Machine Passline: 24.8″
Web Probe: Hydraulically operated with air blowoff and transducer feedback