Wangda Group WD-TP-RPM 2800 IV Toilet Paper Rewinding and Perforating Machine, 2018- W/ 100 Log Accumulator, Log Saw Cutting Machine, Packing Machine for Single Roll, & Automatic Roll Core Machine


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Machine Type: Other Process
Make: Wangda Group
Model: WD-TP-RPM 2800 IV
Year: 2018
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 422787

WD-TP-RPM 2800 IV Toilet Paper Rewinding and Perforating Machine with:
1. Automatic change perforation size (Change number in PLC) Perforation range between 75mm-280mm
2. Auto paper tension control (independent motor drive)
3. Guarding and inter lock protection
4. Lamination device( including 7 rollers: two steel embossing rollers , two rubber rollers. One stainless glue tank One anilox roller One glue passing rubber roller One compact roller)

Technical Parameters:
1. The max width of jumbo roll:2750mm
2. Equipped with 2 jumbo roll stands
3. Equipped with pneumatic lifting the jumbo roll function
4. pneumatic wide belt to feed paper, each jumbo roll has independent tension adjustor and left-right adjusting device
5. Auto stop machine function when material is used up will minimize the waste of raw material.
6. Continue adding roll core alarming device.
7. Auto edge trimming, glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time
8. Use the up-threading way to winding the finished product. Adopts front and back jogging button to guide paper.
9. Data setting: Human-machine interface
10. Programming Controller: PLC
11. Machine Speed: 150-180m/per min
12. Power supply: 380V 50HZ 3Phase (Other voltage need order)
13. Machine weight: 4900KG

Electrical configuration:
1 PLC Germany Siemens
2 Inverter Germany Siemens
3 Relay France Schneider
4 Middle relay France Schneider
5 Sensor Germany Sick
6 Timing Belt Sables Japan
7 Main Bearing NSK Japan
8 Motor China superior quality
9 Flat belt Sables Japan
10 Cylinder Taiwan JYC or Airtac
11 Air switch France Schneider
12 TOUCH SCREEN Germany Siemens
13 Button Taiwan MACK

100 Logs Accumulator with guarding and inter lock protection
1.100 nos. of Log Accumulator with details as per following.
a. Log length: 2800mm
b. Log outer diameter Maximum 150mm, Minimum 90mm
c. Workable roll storage 100 ordered by customers
d. Storing Speed: 25 logs/min
e. Installed power AC motor 2HP:2 sets

WD-LSM-III Full Automatic Toilet Paper/Kitchen Towel Log Saw Cutting Machine With Guarding and inter lock protection and adjustable clamp (90-120mm), and 2connecting device 1 device from reminder to log saw cutter .1 device from log saw to packing machine

Technical Parameters:
1.It is full auto toilet paper log cutting machine
2.Equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system and large diameter of spiral cutter, it can auto set the length and cut precisely.
3.Equipped with pneumatic brake function, can prolong the service life of motor and make braking perfect.
4.Function model: Spiral rotating round blade & continued paper log marching
5.Round blade outer diameter: 610mm 6.Log outer diameter: 90-120mm
7.Cutting speed is 100-120cuts/min, 2 rolls/cut, design speed: 140-150cuts/min
8.It is servo cutting.
9.The max cutting Dia: 120mm.
10.Cutting Length: 50-300mm
11.Edge Length: 25-110mm
12.Power: 10KW,380V,50HZ
13.Weight: About 2500-3000KG

Electrical Components:
1 PLC Germany Siemens
2 Inverter Germany Siemens
3 Servo motor Germany Siemens
4 Servo drive Germany Siemens
5 Relay France Schneider
6 Middle relay France Schneider
7 Sensor Germany Sick
8 Timing Belt Sables Japan
9 Main Bearing Japan NSK
10 Motor China superior quality
11 Flat belt Sables Japan
12 Cylinder Taiwan JYC or Airtac
13 Air switch France Schneider
14 TOUCH SCREEN Taiwan weinview
15 Button Taiwan MACK

WD-TP-PM6 Toilet Paper and paper Towel Packing Machine for Single Roll with guarding and inter lock protection
1.Adopting double-drive vertical sealing device, makes the vertical sealing stable, firm and neat
2.Function of automatic stop at the fixed position is available
3.PLC control makes the system reliable and easy maintenance
4.Frequency control makes the operation easy and simple
5.Adopting photoelectric sensor to test the eye mark, non-contact point control, two-way tracking
6.Capacity: 30 to 50 packs/minute (subject to the material and thickness of film as well as product size)
7.Product size limits: Diameter: 90-120mm, 8.Height: 90-280mm (please kindly check and confirm)
8 Floor space (L x W): packaging machine 6400 x 1085x1200mm
9. Power consumption: packaging machine 2.8kw
10 Total weight: Packaging machine 1200kg
11 Packing material: CPP

Automatic Roll Core Machine with guarding and inter lock protection

Technical Parameter
1. Production Speed: 10~20 m/min
2. Specification of Roll Core: core diameter: 45 (2~5 ply), length: Adjustable Specification of Jumbo Roll: 300~400 gsm, width 50~90 mm Machine Power: 4.5Kw (380V 50Hz) (For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place)
3. Overall Size of Equipment (L×W×H m):3.5×1×1.6 m
4. Weight of Equipment: 1.5T.

Transformer 480 VAC 3 Phases to 380 VCA 3 phases

W/ $20,000 worth of Materials/Consumables & Parts

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.