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Used Knee Mills For Sale

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The process of milling uses a rotary cutter to remove the material in place. There are two main classes of the mill process. There is peripheral milling and face milling. Peripheral milling is when the cutting is done along the circumference of the actual cutter. It is primarily used when cutting deep slots and gear teeth. Face milling is when the cutting is primarily at the corners of the milling cutter. It is primarily used to cut flat surfaces into the material.

CNC milling machines are used for cutting, contouring, reaming, threading, planning, drilling, turning, grinding and die sinking.  They can cut into various materials but are mainly used for cutting metal.

A manual knee mill is a milling machine that has an x-y table that goes up and down the column on a knee that is vertically adjustable.  These machines were the standard machine for milling back in the 1930’s when the Bridgeport mill was introduced in Connecticut. They have a quill that moves the spinning piece of the spindle up and down.  There is an x-shaped handle next to the spindle head that controls this movement. A lot of machinists will say that a knee mill is more preferred over a bed mill. A bed mill had the spindle move up and down, whereas the knee mill has the table move up and down.  So, what would be the benefit of owning a knee mill? Here are some benefits listed below.

  •  Flexible- You can machine long parts by standing the material vertically and then attaching it to the side of the table.  You can also tilt the head of the machine at an angle while machining. 
  •  Fast-This machine is fast for relatively simple jobs that have to be performed.  A Manual knee mill will be slightly slower but still gets the job done!
  • Simple-If you are using a manual knee mill, you won’t have to deal with any computer programming of any kind. (no software to learn or use)
  • Small-Fits in that small corner of your shop and leaves room for more machines.
  • Affordable-Manual knee mills are not going to be a big investment.
  •  Easy to learn how to use-The machining industry knows this machine very well and using it is pretty straightforward.  A manual knee mill is a good machine for simple operations such as tapping or hole making.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about Manual Knee Mills or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used Manual Knee Mills, do so here.