10 Gauge x 10′ Fasti 726-32-4 Folding Machine, 1999- Delem CNC Control


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Type: 726 – 32 – 4
Year of manufacture: 1999
Sheet Width: 3240 mm
Sheet Thickness: 4 mm
Upper Cheek Stroke: 350 mm
Controlled Backgauge: 10 – 3200mm (L shape)
L Extension Can Be Easily Dismantled Then Stop Up To 1500
Motor. Bending Beam Adjustment
Motor. Lower Beam Adjustment
Hydr. Tool Clamping On Top
CNC Controlled Crowning
Control: FM200 2D Graphic DA 65 (Fab. Delem)
Cutting Foot Height:180mm, 3450mm Long, Sectioned
Goat Foot Height: 60mm, 3250mm Long, Sectioned
Sharpening Rail: 45° 3200mm (500mm Pieces + 200mm)
Sharp Bar: 20° 3200mm (500mm Pieces + 200mm)
Bending Rail Sectioned: 3200mm 30mm Wide
Lower Cheek Rail With Finger Grooves For HA
Lower Cheek Rail Without Finger Grooves Sect. Partly OVP
Machine’s Weight 6,5 t
Sheet Width: 3240 mm
Sheet Thickness: 4 mm
Overall Dimensions: LBH 5,50 x 2,20 x 2,35 m

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